About Iheya Sake Brewery

Awamori is a northernmost island of Okinawa, which is said to be the origin of the Ryukyu dynasty.

The "Iheya Sake Brewery" located on Ihiraya Island, the northernmost island of Okinawa, was established in 1948 (Showa 23) as an union. The distilled Awamori "Terushima" is an island sake that has been loved and raised by the islanders since its inception.
Iheya Island is a small island with a population of about 1,200 and a area of ​​about 20 mm, but has been blessed with mountains and water, and has been living for more than 5,000 years. The rice cultivation is thriving, and it is also said to be the origin of the Ryukyu dynasty.
Awamori at Iheya Sake Brewery is a well -established environment in such a tradition and nature. It is made carefully.

The establishment was "Iheya Sake Brewery Association", which started with volunteers on the island.

On Iheya Island, rice cultivation has been performed for more than 1000 years, and at the related festivals, sacred sake manufactured by women's priests was carefully dedicated. In 1948, 23 volunteers on the island gathered to establish the "Iheya Sake Brewery Association". However, at that time, the facilities were still simple, and the limited brewing license, which was only allowed to sell on the island, was the beginning of Iheya Sake Brewery.
Masahiro Yasukura, the previous generation, was in charge of the central role since the early days of the union. If Okinawa returned to the mainland in 1972, the limited sales rules on the island will be lifted, and in accordance with the 1974 Yasukimura family, the Yoko -Mura family took over the business from the union and continued to manufacture Awamori as the "Ihiriya Sake Brewery". have become.

The representative brand "Terushima" is a venerable name borrowed from the Ryukyu dynasty and the myth of the island.

The representative brand "Terushima" is Awamori, which has been inherited since its inception. Iheya Island was called the Ryukyu dynasty, the "light island." The name of this name comes from the adjective of respect for the origin of the Ryukyu dynasty, "Terushino", and "Teru", the legendary Amaterasu god of the heavenly Iwato, which is transmitted to the island. The Iheya Sake Brewery "Terushima" was named in the image of the island itself grown under the blessings of the sun, the sun god. The representative brand label of Iheya Sake Brewery expresses rice, island and awamori. This label has not been changed since it started as an union. Because it's all the people on the island, I don't want to change it on our own. This is from that feeling.

About Iheya Island

An island that is valuable because it is difficult to reach for one and a half hours by car by car from Naha for an hour and a half by car.

Ihiraya Island, the northernmost tip of Okinawa Prefecture, is an island rich in nature with a total length of 12 mm and an area of ​​20 cm, and 70 % of the islands are covered with mountains and about 1200 people live. It is about 117 km north of Naha Airport, a car and a ship, which takes about half a day, making it one of the most difficult to access in Okinawa. Therefore, it is such an island where untouched nature and culture are breathing in life.
In Okinawa, there are rare mountains and rich water, agriculture is thriving, and its history has begun 6,000 years ago. Many ships drop in under geographical and sea current conditions, and it is known as an area where rice cultivation has been introduced for a long time in Okinawa. It was said to be the place where the first Ryukyu kingdom, the grandfather of the King King, and the storehouse were born, and in the Ryukyu dynasty, they were in the direct control of the dynasty. It also has the name "Terushi no Island" and symbolizes the god of the sun and the family. As the name suggests, the beautiful nature of the sun is still continuing.
Iheya Island has a scenic spot created by nature, such as the legendary Amaniwado cave, which is said to have hidden Amaterasu Ogami, and a pine tree called the magnificent appearance of the grand figure. The beauty of these nature surprises visitors and strikes their hearts.

There is an old legend that is different from the main island of Okinawa, and traditional events are attractive.

Iheya Island is a beautiful island known as part of Okinawa Prefecture, and its terrain and culture have different characteristics from Okinawa main islands. The origin of the island was about 300 million years ago, and the stratums such as mudstone were raised and formed. The edge of the Okinawan continental shelf is strategically valuable, engraved with a long history from BC. In this old history, the islanders have spun many myths and traditions.
Among them, the legend of Amaniwado, which is said to have been hidden by Amaterasu Omikami. This legend is known throughout Japan, but Iheya Island has a tradition that inherits it in a richer region. Along with this legend, traditional events such as sea gods and fun festivals are still at the center of the life of the island. These events indicate the bonds of the islanders and the importance of the community, and are attractive to visitors.

In Okinawa, there are unusual mountains and rich water, and rice cultivation is also performed.

Iheya Island is surrounded by magnificent mountains, and the pure water created by the mountains is the lifeline of the island. This pure water is an essential element for the Iheya Sake Brewery's Awamori, which creates a unique deep taste and scent. In addition, Iheya Sake Brewery uses rice grown in Ihiraya Island in Awamori called "Shimagumi". This rice is blessed with the soil, climate of the island, and pure water, so the taste is unique. In this way, Awamori, which uses the material grown by the nature of Iheya Island, is a gem packed with the blessings of nature. The Iheya Sake Brewery makes the most of the blessings of this island and carefully finished a cup.

A rare liquor using only Okinawan raw materials that have only 0.6%of Awamori and 80 kiloliters.

Iheya Sake Brewery is working on the manufacturing of "terroir Awamori", which makes use of the rich terroir of the island. Among Awamori, which is manufactured nationwide, this awamori, which uses only Okinawa raw materials, is a rare one with only 0.6%and 80 kiloliters of the total. However, Iheya Island is known as a rice island, and the specialty brewing that makes use of the characteristics of the land is a characteristic of the Iheya Sake Brewery. In particular, the edible rice "Churahikari" (Japonica rice), which has been grown on the island for more than 10 years, is proud of the Awamori "Shimagumi". Please enjoy Awamori, which condenses the local charm, where you can feel the connection between Iheya Island and Iheya Sake Brewery.

The northernmost end of Okinawa

Population: 1,213 (as of the end of October 2020)
Area: 20.66 kn! (Nobojima 1.06km)
Village's specialty: rice, sake, brown sugar
Village tree: Kupa

Restarted Iheya Sake Brewery

In 2022, after the sudden death of the predecessor, Awamori was taken over by the eldest son, Masashi Yomura, and his second son, Takahiro. While valuing the traditional taste, they are developing new challenges, including Ryukyu Awamori Terroir rice. In terms of management, Mr. Takemoto, a good partner, has supported the incorporation and has been strengthening its business as a co -representative with the Yasukimura family. These three people, all of them are in their thirties, have started a new start while blowing a new breeze.

Introduction of workers

  • Masayo Yasukomura
    Co -representative
    A co -representative of the Sake Brewery, who has long supported the Iheya Sake Brewery as a spouse of the predecessor, Masaaki Yasukura. In charge of initiatives and accounting on the island.

  • Masako Yasukimura
    Sake Brewery Manufacturing Officer
    Sake Brewery Manufacturing Officer, engaged in sake brewing with his predecessors since 15 years ago, his commitment to brewing has been given his predecessor. Also belongs to the youth club of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • Takahiro Yasukimura
    Manufacturing and public relations staff
    In charge of sake brewing and public relations. Five years ago, he has been engaged in sake brewing, and has been transmitting the charm of the island and the nature of the island through SNS.

About us

Company Name Iheya Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
location 2131-40, Iheya Village Gakiya, Shimabiri -gun, Okinawa 9050703
Sales office Urasoe sales office
3-1-11 Yuto, Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture, 901-2127
Business content Alcohol manufacturing business
Establishment April 1948
the representative person Masayo Yasukomura
Shinnosuke Takemoto
Member agency Okinawa Sake Brewery Association (https://okinawa- Awamori.or.jp/)
Okinawa Prefectural Sake Brewery Cooperative
Business Hours Shop Information Business hours: 10:00-16:00
Positional holidays: Saturdays and days