About "Terushima FIRSTTAKE" support (Awamori experience as a new sake)

This time, by reporting the status quo on SNS, it is now possible to take a positive action one step at a time.
It is the initiative of "Terushima FIRSTTAKE" that I can do as a sake brewery, Iheya Island, Iheya Sake Brewery, and everyone and us.
This is a project that raises the season and culture of fresh sake with everyone from the Ryukyu Awamori Terroir PJ, which I was deeply involved.
"Terushima Firsttake" Diffusion hope, please consider it.
Request for support for Ihiraya Sake Brewery "2024 County New Sake Awamori Plan"
Terushima Firsttake
Born from paddy fields on Iheya Island, a limited -edition sake of one year only. Could you create a new culture called "New Sake Awamori" by fresh prefectural new rice that could not be achieved with Awamori (raw material: imported Thai rice) so far?
I would like to share the first distillation of Ryukyu Awamori Terroir rice harvested on Iheya Island as a firsttake.
* Ryukyu Awamori Terroir USA "Okinawa Prefectural Long Granular Rice" is a long -grain rice (Thai rice) selected as a raw rice for Awamori in Okinawa Prefecture, which began in 2019, and is particular about the raw materials. Rice for manufacturing.
<10,000 yen plan>
① Terushima FIRSTTAKE 44 degrees I will mail 2 bottles x 2 bottles to your home. (Scheduled in mid -April)
② Sake brewing experience (Rice harvest to distillation is shared by distribution and real participation)
・ Ryukyu Awamori Terroir Rice Harvest experience in December 2023 (transportation expenses / accommodation expenses)
・ 2024 February to March brewing experience (rice steamed, koji, brewing 40 days)
・ End of March 2024 -April distillation experience (transportation expenses and accommodation expenses)
③ Invited to the FB Group for the supporter only (information dissemination of factories that are unknown)
④ Iheya Sake Brewery EC discount ticket
<30,000 yen plan / 1 unit barrel owner option>
The above -mentioned Terushima FIRST TAKE limited liquor, and even the first barrels of the barrels, the first challenge of Iheya Sake Brewery, as a bite barrel owner. In addition to the above ① to ④, the following options will also be returned.
1⃣Terushima FIRSTTAKE 44 degrees barrel aging Ichimobo x 4 bottles will be mailed to your home.
(Delivered in bourbon barrels after 6 months to 1 year, you can enjoy the difference from raw sake.)
2⃣Delivery of barrel main certificate and barrel owner business card (presented 100 Iheya Sake Brewery Barrel Lord News Cards)
3⃣Iheya Sake Brewery Ambassador (2 discounted alcohol at Iheya Headquarters / Sales Office)
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